Consultants can become certified in one or more assessments according to their needs and market focus. First, the Consulting Company must choose one of the available plans, Professional or Enterprise. Each plan gives the right to certification in only one Assessment. To be certified in more than one Assessment, the consulting company must purchase a separate training course. After the purchase, our team will contact you to choose the desired Assessment. The certification training will be scheduled, which may last one day or up to two days, depending on the Assessment. During the certification training, onboarding of the certified consultants will take place. The number of users is related to the chosen plan. To access the Assessment, the consultants will have secure management, without passwords, with a zero trust concept.

a) You must download the SDL ID App on your mobile device from the app stores. That will be your ID to access the purchased Valuation.

b) SDL ID for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sdl.id
SDL ID for iOS: https://apps.apple.com/br/app/sdl-id/id6444064300

c) After installing the app, you need to activate your license by following the instructions below:

1 – Tap Activate my account;
2 – Tap Activate without code;
3 – Complete the registration with your name, email and create a password;
4 – You will receive an activation email. Click on confirm;
5 – Return to the application’s home page and enter your email and the password you just created;
6 – Create a 6-digit pin;

On your computer, go to www.cyberscores.io and click on my account. Next, use the SLD ID app to read the QR. Code that will appear on the screen. Choose the purchased assessment and use the code below to access it.
Remember: this code is unique to this assessment.

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